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About: Multilingual European Flora Dictionary

What is it?

The megabyte_data Multilingual European Flora Dictionary is a collection of about 90,000 plant names stored in 33 separate language data tables that are interconnected on demand by the user to generate language-specific listings, bilingual dictionaries and species-specific multilingual data displays.

In theory, 33 language tables enable the generation of 1056 (= 33 x 32) different 2-way dictionaries. This would be an absolute publisher's nightmare, and no-one would ever dream of printing such a product on paper (?)...

You must have Javascript enabled in your browser in order to navigate/sort/search the list-display tables.

Data-load performance issues

The server will download the requested dataset into your browser, where you can then manipulate it (browse /sort / search).
Typical data download times are about 600 data-lines per second (the particular page's load-screen will tell you how much data is coming). Exercise patience!

Display font issues

To enable correct plant name viewing in any available native language, data display pages are hard-coded to force the Unicode UTF-8 character set, and to use the Windows Verdana font.

Data-sorting issues

The server loads language-specific data to the Javascript-manipulable tables in the 'correct' sort-order for a particular language. However, the script itself appears to not be able to deal with locale-specific data sorts. Ah, well, a small problem, but be aware that sorting data within an interactive table will send most of the items that start with diacritics to the 'end of the sort' (i.e in Unicode-order). This applies to most of the European languages written in 'Latin' script; non-Latin scripted (e.g. Cyrillic) language listings are not affected.

To quickly re-sort a particular language listing in its native order, just Refresh the page.

Enjoy: dig it while it still exists !

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