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Mammal names in Latin (Linnaean)

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All namesAcomys cahirinusAcomys cahirinus
All namesAcomys minousAcomys minous
All namesAlces alcesAlces alces
All namesAloplex lagopusAloplex lagopus
All namesApodemus agrariusApodemus agrarius
All namesApodemus flavicollisApodemus flavicollis
All namesApodemus micropsApodemus microps
All namesApodemus mystacinusApodemus mystacinus
All namesApodemus sylvaticusApodemus sylvaticus
All namesArvicola sapidusArvicola sapidus
All namesArvicola terrestrisArvicola terrestris
All namesBalaena biscayensisBalaena biscayensis
All namesBalaena mysticetusBalaena mysticetus
All namesBalaenoptera acutorostrataBalaenoptera acutorostrata
All namesBalaenoptera borealisBalaenoptera borealis
All namesBalaenoptera physalisBalaenoptera physalis
All namesBalaenoptera rostrataBalaenoptera rostrata
All namesBalaenoptera sibbaldiiBalaenoptera sibbaldii
All namesBalaenopterus musculusBalaenopterus musculus
All namesBarbastella barbastellaBarbastella barbastella
All namesBison bonasusBison bonasus
All namesBos bisonBos bison
All namesBos bonasusBison bonasus
All namesBos bubalusBos bubalus
All namesBos taurusBos taurus
All namesBubalus bubalusBubalus bubalus
All namesCamelus dromedariusCamelus dromedarius
All namesCanis aureusCanis aureus
All namesCanis familiarisCanis familiaris
All namesCanis lupusCanis lupus
All namesCapra aegagrusCapra aegagrus
All namesCapra hircusCapra hircus
All namesCapra ibexCapra ibex
All namesCapra pyrenaicusCapra pyrenaicus
All namesCapreolus capreolusCapreolus capreolus
All namesCastor canadiensisCastor canadiensis
All namesCastor fiberCastor fiber
All namesCavia cobayaCavia cobaya
All namesCavia porcellusCavia cobaya
All namesCervus axisCervus axis
All namesCervus damaCervus dama
All namesCervus elaphusCervus elaphus
All namesCervus nipponCervus nippon
All namesChiroptera sppChiroptera spp
All namesCitellus citellusSpermophilus citellus
All namesCitellus suslicusSpermophilus suslicus
All namesClethrionomys glareolusClethrionomys glareolus
All namesClethrionomys rufocanusClethrionomys rufocanus
All namesClethrionomys rutilusClethrionomys rutilus
All namesCricetulus migratoriusCricetulus migratorius
All namesCricetusCricetus
All namesCricetus cricetusCricetus cricetus
All namesCrocidura leucodonCrocidura leucodon
All namesCrocidura russulaCrocidura russula
All namesCrocidura suavolensCrocidura suavolens
All namesCystophora cristataCystophora cristata
All namesDama damaCervus dama
All namesDelphinapterus leucasDelphinapterus leucas
All namesDelphinus delphisDelphinus delphis
All namesDinaromys bogdanoviDolomys bogdanovi
All namesDolomys bogdanoviDolomys bogdanovi
All namesDryomys nitedulaDryomys nitedula
All namesElephas maximusElephas maximus
All namesEliomys quercinusEliomys quercinus
All namesEptesicus nilssoniVespertilio nilssoni
All namesEptisicus serotinusEptisicus serotinus
All namesEquus asinusEquus asinus
All namesEquus caballusEquus caballus
All namesErignathus barbatusErignathus barbatus
All namesErinaceus algirusErinaceus algirus
All namesErinaceus concolorErinaceus concolor
All namesErinaceus europaeusErinaceus europaeus
All namesEubalaena glacialisEubalaena glacialis
All namesFelis cattusFelis cattus
All namesFelis domesticaFelis cattus
All namesFelis lynxFelis lynx
All namesFelis sylvestrisFelis sylvestris
All namesFiber zibethicaOndatra zibethica
All namesGalemys pyrenaciusGalemys pyrenacius
All namesGenetta genettaGenetta genetta
All namesGlis glisGlis glis
All namesGlobicephalus melasGlobicephalus melas
All namesGulo guloGulo gulo
All namesGulo luscusGulo gulo
All namesHalichoerus grypusHalichoerus grypus
All namesHerpestes edwardsiiHerpestes edwardsii
All namesHerpestes ichneumonHerpestes ichneumon
All namesHomo sapiensHomo sapiens
All namesHydropotes inermisHydropotes inermis
All namesHyperoodron ampullatusHyperoodron ampullatus
All namesHyperoodron rostratusHyperoodron rostratus
All namesHystrix cristataHystrix cristata
All namesHystrix hodgsoniHystrix hodgsoni
All namesLagenorhynchus acutusLagenorhynchus acutus
All namesLagenorhynchus albirostrisLagenorhynchus albirostris
All namesLasiurus cinereusLasiurus cinereus
All namesLemmus lemmusLemmus lemmus
All namesLepus capensisLepus europaeus
All namesLepus europaeusLepus europaeus
All namesLepus timidusLepus timidus
All namesLoxodonta africanaElephas maximus
All namesLutra lutraLutra lutra
All namesLutreola lutreolaMustela lutreola
All namesLutreola visonMustela vison
All namesLynx lynxFelis lynx
All namesMacropus rufogriseusMacropus rufogriseus
All namesMarmota marmotaMarmota marmota
All namesMartes foinaMartes foina
All namesMartes martesMartes martes
All namesMartes sppMartes spp
All namesMartes zibellinaMartes zibellina
All namesMegaptera boopsMegaptera boops
All namesMegaptera nodosaMegaptera nodosa
All namesMegaptera novaeangliaMegaptera nodosa
All namesMeles melesMeles meles
All namesMeriones unguiculatusMeriones unguiculatus
All namesMesocricetus auratusMesocricetus auratus
All namesMesocricetus newtoniMesocricetus newtoni
All namesMesocricetus sppCricetus
All namesMesoplodon bidensMesoplodon bidens
All namesMicromys minutusMicromys minutus
All namesMicrotus agrestisMicrotus agrestis
All namesMicrotus arvalisMicrotus arvalis
All namesMicrotus bavaricusPitymys bavaricus
All namesMicrotus cabreraeMicrotus cabrerae
All namesMicrotus duodecimcostatusPitymys duodecimcostatus
All namesMicrotus epiroticusMicrotus epiroticus
All namesMicrotus guentheriMicrotus guentheri
All namesMicrotus liechtensteiniPitymys liechtensteini
All namesMicrotus lusitanicusPitymys lusitanicus
All namesMicrotus multiplexPitymys multiplex
All namesMicrotus nivalisMicrotus nivalis
All namesMicrotus oeconomusMicrotus oeconomus
All namesMicrotus ratticepsMicrotus oeconomus
All namesMicrotus saviiPitymys savii
All namesMicrotus subterraneusPitymys subterraneus
All namesMicrotus tatricusPitymys tatricus
All namesMicrotus thomasiPitymys thomasi
All namesMiniopterus schreibersiMiniopterus schreibersi
All namesMonachus monachusMonachus monachus
All namesMonodon monocerosMonodon monoceros
All namesMuntiacus reevesiMuntiacus reevesi
All namesMus hortulanusMus hortulanus
All namesMus musculusMus musculus
All namesMus sppMus spp
All namesMus spretusMus spretus
All namesMuscardinus avellanariusMuscardinus avellanarius
All namesMustela ermineaMustela erminea
All namesMustela eversmanniMustela eversmanni
All namesMustela furoMustela furo
All namesMustela lutreolaMustela lutreola
All namesMustela nivalisMustela nivalis
All namesMustela putoriusMustela putorius
All namesMustela putorius furoMustela putorius furo
All namesMustela visonMustela vison
All namesMyocastor coypusMyocastor coypus
All namesMyomimus personatusMyomimus roachi
All namesMyomimus roachiMyomimus roachi
All namesMyopus schisticolorMyopus schisticolor
All namesMyotis bechsteiniMyotis bechsteini
All namesMyotis blythiMyotis blythi
All namesMyotis brandtiMyotis brandti
All namesMyotis capacciniiMyotis capaccinii
All namesMyotis dasycnemeMyotis dasycneme
All namesMyotis daubentoniMyotis daubentoni
All namesMyotis emarginatusMyotis emarginatus
All namesMyotis myotisMyotis myotis
All namesMyotis mystacinusMyotis mystacinus
All namesMyotis nathalinaeMyotis nathalinae
All namesMyotis nattereriMyotis nattereri
All namesNeomys anomalusNeomys anomalus
All namesNeomys fodiensNeomys fodiens
All namesNyctalus lasiopterusNyctalus lasiopterus
All namesNyctalus leisleriNyctalus leisleri
All namesNyctalus noctulaNyctalus noctula
All namesNyctalus sppChiroptera spp
All namesNyctereutes procyonoidesNyctereutes procyonoides
All namesOdobenus rosmarusOdobenus rosmarus
All namesOdocoileus virginianusOdocoileus virginianus
All namesOndatra zibethicaOndatra zibethica
All namesOrcinus orcaOrcinus orca
All namesOryctolagus cuniculusOryctolagus cuniculus
All namesOvibos moschatusOvibos moschatus
All namesOvis ammonOvis musimon
All namesOvis ariesOvis aries
All namesOvis musimonOvis musimon
All namesPagophilus groenlandicusPagophilus groenlandicus
All namesPhoca groenlandicusPagophilus groenlandicus
All namesPhoca hispidaPusa hispida
All namesPhoca vitulinaPhoca vitulina
All namesPhocaena phocaenaPhocaena phocaena
All namesPhyseter catodonPhyseter catodon
All namesPhyseter macrocephalusPhyseter macrocephalus
All namesPipistrellus kuhliPipistrellus kuhli
All namesPipistrellus nathusiiVespertilio nathusii
All namesPipistrellus pipistrellusPipistrellus pipistrellus
All namesPipistrellus saviiPipistrellus savii
All namesPipistrellus sppChiroptera spp
All namesPitymys bavaricusPitymys bavaricus
All namesPitymys duodecimcostatusPitymys duodecimcostatus
All namesPitymys liechtensteiniPitymys liechtensteini
All namesPitymys lusitanicusPitymys lusitanicus
All namesPitymys multiplexPitymys multiplex
All namesPitymys saviiPitymys savii
All namesPitymys subterraneusPitymys subterraneus
All namesPitymys tatricusPitymys tatricus
All namesPitymys thomasiPitymys thomasi
All namesPlecotus auritusPlecotus auritus
All namesPlecotus austriacusPlecotus austriacus
All namesProcyon lotorProcyon lotor
All namesPteromys volensPteromys volens
All namesPusa hispidaPusa hispida
All namesPutorius putoriusMustela putorius
All namesRangifer rangiferRangifer rangifer
All namesRangifer tarandusRangifer rangifer
All namesRattus norvegicusRattus norvegicus
All namesRattus rattusRattus rattus
All namesRattus sppRattus spp
All namesRhinolopus blasiiRhinolopus blasii
All namesRhinolopus euryaleRhinolopus euryale
All namesRhinolopus ferrumequinumRhinolopus ferrumequinum
All namesRhinolopus hipposiderosRhinolopus hipposideros
All namesRhinolopus mehelyiRhinolopus mehelyi
All namesRupicapra rupicarpaRupicapra rupicarpa
All namesSciurus carolinensisSciurus carolinensis
All namesSciurus vulgarisSciurus vulgaris
All namesSciurus vulgaris axalbidusSciurus vulgaris axalbidus
All namesSicista betulinaSicista betulina
All namesSicista subtilisSicista subtilis
All namesSorex alpinusSorex alpinus
All namesSorex araneusSorex araneus
All namesSorex caecutiensSorex caecutiens
All namesSorex granariusSorex granarius
All namesSorex isodonSorex isodon
All namesSorex minutissimusSorex minutissimus
All namesSorex minutusSorex minutus
All namesSorex samniticusSorex samniticus
All namesSorex sinalisSorex isodon
All namesSorex sppSorex spp
All namesSorex vulgarisSorex araneus
All namesSpalax leucodonSpalax leucodon
All namesSpalax microphthalmusSpalax microphthalmus
All namesSpermophilus citellusSpermophilus citellus
All namesSpermophilus suslicusSpermophilus suslicus
All namesSuncus etruscusSuncus etruscus
All namesSus scrofaSus scrofa
All namesSus scrofa domesticusSus scrofa domesticus
All namesTadaria teniotisTadaria teniotis
All namesTalpa caecaTalpa caeca
All namesTalpa europaeaTalpa europaea
All namesTalpa romanaTalpa romana
All namesTamias sibiricusTamias sibiricus
All namesThalarctos maritinusThalarctos maritinus
All namesTursiops truncatusTursiops truncatus
All namesUrsus arctosUrsus arctos
All namesUrsus maritimusThalarctos maritinus
All namesVespertilio murinusVespertilio murinus
All namesVespertilio nathusiiVespertilio nathusii
All namesVespertilio nilssoniVespertilio nilssoni
All namesVespertilio pipistrellusPipistrellus pipistrellus
All namesVespertilio serotinusEptisicus serotinus
All namesVormela peregusnaVormela peregusna
All namesVulpes vulpesVulpes vulpes

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