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Mammal names in Macedonian

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All namesЈазовецMeles meles
All namesАмерикански бизонBos bison
All namesБиволBos bubalus
All namesБизамски стаорецOndatra zibethica
All namesВерверицаSciurus vulgaris
All namesВидраLutra lutra
All namesВоден стаорецArvicola terrestris
All namesВолкCanis lupus
All namesГлушецMus spp
All namesГоведоBos taurus
All namesДабарCastor fiber
All namesДива мачкаFelis sylvestris
All namesДива свињаSus scrofa
All namesДивокозаRupicapra rupicarpa
All namesДромедарCamelus dromedarius
All namesЕвропски бизонBison bonasus
All namesЕжErinaceus europaeus
All namesЕленCervus elaphus
All namesЕлен лопатарCervus dama
All namesЗаjакLepus europaeus
All namesЗаморецCavia cobaya
All namesКамилаCamelus dromedarius
All namesКоњEquus caballus
All namesКозаCapra hircus
All namesКозорогCapra ibex
All namesКраваBos taurus
All namesКртTalpa europaea
All namesКунаMartes spp
All namesЛилjакChiroptera spp
All namesЛисицаVulpes vulpes
All namesМагареEquus asinus
All namesМачкаFelis cattus
All namesМечкаUrsus arctos
All namesМрмотMarmota marmota
All namesМуфлонOvis musimon
All namesНевестулкаMustela nivalis
All namesОбичен творMustela putorius
All namesОвцаOvis aries
All namesПесCanis familiaris
All namesПитом заjакOryctolagus cuniculus
All namesПолвGlis glis
All namesРисFelis lynx
All namesРовкаSorex spp
All namesСвињаSus scrofa domesticus
All namesСлонElephas maximus
All namesСрнаCapreolus capreolus
All namesСтаорецRattus spp
All namesТворMustela putorius furo
All namesХермелинMustela erminea
All namesХрчакCricetus

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